The FreeBSD Project (2014-Present)

FreeBSD is a general-purpose Unix-like operating system derived from UC Berkeley’s 4.4BSD. I have been a FreeBSD user since 2012 and contributor since 2014 in various areas.

I am a FreeBSD Ports committer, having been a contributor since 2014 back in my senior year of high school.

I maintain a variety of Ports, and have formerly maintained others including big-name titles such as Keras. I am also a contributor to FreeBSD’s GNOME Ports, being a user of GNOME on FreeBSD myself.

Outside of Ports, I’m an occasional kernel hacker.

I worked on the FreeBSD networking, firewall, and routing stack. One key set of patches was that I helped make IPFW’s NAT implementation aware of RFC 6598 (Carrier Grade NAT) subnets.

I also helped add support for Intel’s Whiskey Lake (8th Gen) and Tiger Lake (11th Gen), both used in multiple generations of high-end PC laptops like the HP Spectre x360.

Commits I was involved in can be seen at:

The Tor Project (2016-Present)

Tor is an volunteer-run Internet anonymity service which routes traffic through three servers in an “onion” design.

I am a Core Tor contributor. My focus in Tor development is on Onion Services and IPv6 support. I have also contributed to other areas in Tor including exit policy configuration, entry guard optimizations, and FreeBSD support.

My Tor commits can be seen at Tor’s GitWeb.

I also run Tor relays and exits, and have done so since 2014. My relays can be seen at Tor Relay Status.

I was very active in Tor development during my college days. I have since re-focused on FreeBSD post-graduation, but still put out an occasional Tor patch here and there. I also still run relays.


NYU Tandon Projects

Keep in mind that I am no longer involved with these projects as I have graduated NYU.

Miscellaneous Personal Software Projects

I have also written toy software projects, all of which can be seen on GitHub. Most, if not all are abandoned.