The Tor Project (2016-Present)

Tor is an volunteer-run Internet anonymity service which routes traffic through three servers in an “onion” design.

In the past, I was a major Core Tor contributor, focusing on Onion Services and IPv6 support. I have also contributed to other areas in Tor including exit policy configuration, entry guard optimizations, and FreeBSD support.

My Tor commits can be seen at Tor’s GitWeb and GitLab.

I’ve also contributed to documentation, which can be seen here.

I also run Tor relays and exits, and have done so since 2014. My relays can be seen at Tor Relay Status. I am a top Tor exit relay operator, with ~1.5% of total exit capacity.


The FreeBSD Project (2014-2023)

FreeBSD is a general-purpose Unix-like operating system. I was a FreeBSD user from 2012-2022 and contributor from 2014-2023 in various areas.

I was a FreeBSD Ports committer, from being a contributor from 2014 back in my senior year of high school.

I formerly maintained many Ports including big-name titles such as Keras. I was also a contributor to FreeBSD’s GNOME packages.

Outside of Ports, I worked on the FreeBSD networking, firewall, and routing stack. One key set of patches was that I helped make IPFW’s NAT implementation aware of RFC 6598 (Carrier Grade NAT) subnets.

I also helped add support for Intel’s Whiskey Lake (8th Gen) and Tiger Lake (11th Gen), both used in multiple generations of high-end PC laptops like the HP Spectre x360.

Commits I was involved in can be seen at:

NYU Tandon Projects

Keep in mind that I am no longer involved with these projects as I have graduated NYU.

Miscellaneous Personal Software Projects

I have also written toy software projects, all of which can be seen on GitHub. Most, if not all are abandoned.